Moving MySQL Database - Can login to old one but

Hey guys,

Having a bit of a problem here and I’m not completely up on this part. My old (crappy) hosts got rid of my cPanel access, so I cant get to our old database anymore.

I had a feeling this was going to happen, and although some of the exporting was not working, I was able to export my tables to text files so that they’d hopefully import. So, I have:

  1. Name of the old database
  2. Name of the user
  3. All 4 tables exported to .txt files

So, I cant do an SQLdump because I cant login to the old database anymore. Is there a step by step on this process?

I created a new SQL database with the same database name and same user name as the old. The old host accepted ‘localhost’ while Dreamhost does not. Is this going to be a problem? If I dont have the old password, will that be a problem?

Any help is majorly appreciated.

Nope. With DreamHost, the database is on a separate machine than the web site. So the web site most know the hostname of the machine hosting the database.

Nope. The password is only required to make a connection. Since you’re not connecting to the old database anymore, you don’t need it.

The only problem would be whether or not your exported files include the table structure as well as the data.

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I looked in each text file and they contain text that basically says it has the table structure.

I’m not a php guy. I’m learning as we go. I ran thru the php files to see if there are any script changes necessary. It seems only 2 files need editing that have old passwords and all that hard coded in there.