Moving My Web Site to DreamHost


I just purchased an account at DreamHost yesterday and all is well so far. My main motive for going with DreamHost is that my previous host has been extremely unreliable and untrustworthy; they have been making false claims about my “resource use” (even when my bandwidth and space are not even close to exceeding the maximum allowed) in order to force me to buy a more expensive package. It’s ridiculous.

I was wondering, since I already bought an account here, what would be the easiest and most efficient way of transferring my web site (still hosted on the original host) to DreamHost? Does the domain transfer also transfer the files on my original host or is it strictly just the name?

Keep in mind, my site is entirely used by Wordpress. As a site that promotes independent music artists, there are many MP3s and images that are vital to the content. Though I will manually upload all the files if necessary, I was just curious as whether or not the files transfer along with the domain. I just wouldn’t want my visitors to be hassled with broken links and images.

Basically, I was just wondering how to get started in this process.



Domain transfer only changes registration, doesn’t move files.

Have a look in for transfer info’


alright, thanks for the link.

also, will my RSS feed remain the same?

I have no idea what you mean by “remain the same”. WordPress generates the rss feed, and it will continue to so no matter where you host your site. :wink: