Moving my site to dreamhost


I read the tutorials, tried the FTP, with passwords I got, but could not log in so tried the ftp dreamhost offers here, I managed to log in but then you can only upload small files.
Where do I start in moving the site from another server to dreamhost, it all seems very complicated for us newbies? :frowning:


Don’t forget that you can upload a zip file using dreamhost ftp.

If the file is too big, you can try to download it to your domain directory with basic unix commands.

  1. Zip everything in your current server

  2. SSH to your DH server

  3. Use command wget

4 Use command unzip

This article may help for new DH customers. In fact, you can find a lot of info in DH Wiki

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Thanx. What does SSH mean and where from do I access it?
I tried using bitvise tunnelier to access the server with the login and Ip I got but cannot even get to the point where I have to enter my password. I entered the right and port 21.


SSH stands for secure shell. You need basic unix knowledge to do that.

I think the easiest way for you to upload your site to DH server is to use a FTP client like FileZilla.

Are you able to log into your FTP server now? It takes some time for new domain to propagate the new domain around the world.

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Thank you. I am able to connect to the dreamhost server now.
Now do I only transfer the files to my folder and thats it, or do I need to set some Ips, and where? Since Im running a worpress do i need to configure some files?


Hooray! You are in DH now.

Please note that there are three directories “Logs”, “Maildir”, “” in your home directory. You should upload your files into “” directory.

If your wordpress was configured in your previous server, you will need to update your configure files with new database hostname, username, and password.

I think that is the only thing you need to update. If you encounter any problem, you can post it here.

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ok, seems I had troubles with ports. Port 21 is for dreamhost and I have 22 for my other server.
Dont I have to change IPs as well, in enom or somewhere? I remember I had to do that when I set up an account for my domain on other server?
Also, can I change the name of folder to just yourdomain?


Port 21 is for FTP and Port 22 is for SSH/SFTP. These are standards and should not ever change.

You don’t need to set IP addresses. If your domain isn’t switched over yet, you can connect to it via the machine name. In the panel, if you click Account Status in the upper right, you’ll get the machine name for your webserver. You can connect to it as

You can change the folder name, but you need to make the corresponding change in the panel under Domains -> Manage Domains and click Edit for your domain. You’ll get the Fully Hosted settings section where you can specify your web directory which currently has the .com extension.



But I got this in my e-mail:

Primary name server:
Secondary name server:
Tertiary name server:

Im sorry, this is very confusing. Can you help me out here, step by step. I managed to send my files to dreamhost. Everything that follows seems very complicated.
Also I think we didnt understand each other. I have a working website and a domain which I bought BEFORE opening dreamhost account. And what I need to do is move everything to dreamhost.

Aslo do I need to create MySqL database? And whats the hostname I should put there?


This is your DNS setting. It is nothing to do with your FTP uploading. If you want to know more about DNS (domain name server), you can refer to this article.

To move your site to DH, I believe you need to do the following

1. upload your files to DH server
You can use FTP client to achieve this. Filezilla is a very good software and it is free. You can manage your FTP users via DH panel --> Users --> Manage users.

2. set up your database in DH
You can manage your database via DH panel --> Goodies --> Manage MySql. You can create new hostname, database, and database users.

3. update your wordpress config files with new mysql hostname, database, username and password
Once your have your database set up in step 2, you can update your wordpress configure files with the new setting.

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I did all that but the site is still on the old server. I still dont know what those DNS address mean and do I have to input them at my registrant


Those three name servers are what you need to change your DNS entries at your registrar. It’s part of the WHOIS information that tells the world which name server to use before people can visit your site at DreamHost.



ok.I entered dns as follows:

But now I cannot change the Host records
(To enable host records, you need to use the default DNS settings.)


What’s your Domain? I’d like to do a lookup and see how it’s set.

Your host records will show up in the panel after your website is set up here. Go to Domains -> Manage Domains and then click DNS for your domain. You’ll see what records are there and it gives you a spot to add additional records, which you generally don’t need.


managed to switch, but now all of my posts are lost!!


Did you copy your database over to your new database server?



No, I created a new database


That new database is empty. You’ll need to migrate your data from the old database to your new one. Follow the link I posted above for instructions.



I tried moving but go this;

ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user ‘root’@‘’ (using
password: YES)
ERROR 1044 (42000): Access denied for user ‘bojanfcbnews’@‘
192.0’ to database ‘fcbarcelonanews’


Try the Backup and Import methods listed:

Access denied is caused by either the wrong user (you need the DB user; not your FTP user) or attempting to access it remotely from a non-whitelisted server.