Moving MT blog from one DH domain to another

Note: I may use a test blog to play around with this, because as Robert says using a test blog is a painless way to experiment. But in case anyone had done this already… here goes: I have a blog running on a subdomain, . I registered a new domain, , and want to move the blog on to

I know I could do a redirect or mirror, but it seems to me that the tidiest way to do this is to fully host the blog on But I’m unclear how to do that. Do I need to migrate files? Can some tricks within MT accomplish this? Or is this an export/import project?

Through the magic of trackback, I found the following sites for moving an MT blog to a new server or host.

The info at is probably the most detailed. She drew much of her information from a PDF file created by someone named Russ.

I found out about the info at through a trackbacked post from Jean-Philippe Leboeuf.

This may be overkill for what you are trying to accomplish, though. If the Unix username under which you installed MT has direct read/write access to the other domain (which is a big if), you may be able to just update the paths on the Weblog Config admin page. That’s pure speculation, though, as I have definitely not tried it. A relatively quick way to try it out would be to create a new test blog, post to it at least once, change the Weblog Config paths, and then rebuild.


you know, you were right about the overkill. I changed paths in the blog, and it works just fine. Thanks!