Moving Mambo

I have installed mambo and and having a good time with it. I installed it to mysite/mambo but I don’t want people to have to type /mambo and I don’t want to use a redirect as it takes some time. I have tried moving it various ways in my dev enviornment but to no avail. Anyone have any ideas?

I think you’ll be happy if you remap YOURDOMAIN.COM/mambo to just YOURDOMAIN.COM.

You can do it here.

It was me who started this thread, I assumed I would be logged in since I came here though my panel, oh well. I tried to do that but I also run a php board and it would not work after I changed my domain to point to domain/mambo I assume it is becuause it is as domain/board. Soooo, it was really trying to resolve domain/mambo/board which doesn’t work.