Moving Mail to Gmail


We’re looking at moving our mail to Google Apps. I see that DH now has a one-click MX record change to facilitate this. Network Solutions is managing my domain, but the name servers or set to Dreamhost, so I imagine I make all changes on Dreamhost.

My questions are:

  1. How seamless is this? Will there be e-mail downtime, or will it simply switch from DH to Gmail?
  2. After this switch, can users log into old DH webmail (or POP) to get abandoned mail?
  3. I imagine I can change to point directly to Gmail on Google Apps?
  4. What will the POP and SMTP servers become for using Gmail?
  5. Any other suggestions for making this switch as seamless as possible?

Hello there. I used this option as soon as I knew about it, so maybe I can give you some answers:

  1. & 2. Your old e-mail adresses will be deleted, and therefore you will have to create new ones in the Google Apps website (the same ones as before if you want), but you won’t be able to get old messages or anything. Anyway, you can use a temporary e-mail adress to store some messages you don’t want to loose, and then e-mail them to the new adress.

  2. Your mail service will be located at

  3. They will be Google’s ones. For example, the POP server is, and the SMTP is, but you can always check that at Gmail’s support website.

  4. No idea. Anyway, if you already have a Gmail account you can import your mail to it.

Hope that helps. Good luck!