Moving joomla site


Getting ready to move an extensively developed joomla site from one DH domain to another tonight and I’m looking for some reassurance. It should be easy I think.

The site is at an address
The Db is at hostname
I’m moving the site to address

The database is staying put, So all I’ve done is download the entire joomla install and replace every instance of with and in the config file I left all the Db connect info and the hostname like it was. Then I uploaded the adjusted site to the new webspace. That should be it right? I’m going to change the domain registration to point to the new server, so I hope its right!

Sound right to anyone?


It looks pretty good to me, as long as you preserved all the files in the same relative paths in n the new domain as they were in the old domains, I don’t suspect you will have problems.

I usually do it all on the server by re-naming directories and such (if the user is the same), but that’s just me. Your way should work fine as long as all the (many!) Joomla! files make it intact in the upload. I only mention that as several previous users have had problems with this, and it is pretty hard to de-bug with that many files. Good Luck, and post back to let us know how it went (I’m sure that will be comforting to other users!) :wink:


I have found it to be very simple if you’re moving a whole Joomla! implementaton and leaving your database in place to simply zip the entire Joomla! directory (at the root, or at a sub-level) and use DH’s net2ftp to upload and unzip to the new domain. That gets every file and keeps permissions and paths intact.

Because net2ftp has a 7MB file size limit, you usually have to repeat this procedure several times to get everything if your site is large.

Then, as you noted, go into the admin panel and config files to make path changes, and you should be all set.

One thing you’ll want to check for, though, is dead links in content (articles). If you used full paths rather than relative links in your content anchor tags, you will have some work ahead of you. This can be quickly resolved, if you’re familiar with editing SQL exports, by simply changing the links in your database files and then reimporting the SQL dump.

To paraphrase Elmer Fudd, “Be vewwy, vewwy careful” when you’re editing SQL exports!

Also, for those who may be considering creating sites “live” in a sub-directory and then moving them later, try the Joomla Stand Alone Server (JSAS) at – it’s wonderful for local deployments if you don’t have your very own Apache server to work from. Once you get your site tweaked the way you want it, you can simply copy the files over to your domain space.

Oh – one other suggestion: I use the one-click install and have DH deploy Joomla! for me at the new location before I start the move, just so I can continue with the one-click upgrades later. You just have to make sure you’re working from the same Joomla! version on both sides. And, if you mark your config file read-only, your “move” routine won’t overwrite it – so you’re all set!

Thanks guys. Went fine. Very few problems. Luckily there isn’t a whole lot in the Db to worry about yet, just a lot of Joomla config and customization.

One mistake I made was that I copied my cgi-bin along with everything else and I was using a custom php.ini. That didn’t take too long to figure out.

Other than that it went off without a hitch.

Thanks again!


thats great Jeff

some of us can learn from that.