Moving Joomla Site to Dreamhost



I’ve just opened a Dreamhost account and have 10 domains to transfer. All has gone well so far except for my Joomla site. I’m quite new to Joomla as well as to Dreamhost, and although I’ve got so far as copying the site across by FTP and transferring the SQL database to Dreamhost, I am still getting the error “could not connect to the database server”

I’m sure its a path-related issue, but I’ve no idea what file Joomla looks at to find the path to the database. I changed the configuration file to point to the site path, so I’m now getting the default “site is temporarily unavailable” page.

Would it be simpler to re-install Joomla from the “one-click” install and start again?


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Lynn, the variables that you need to change to straighten out the database usage information are also in the configuration.php file:

$mosConfig_host = ‘your databae host’;
$mosConfig_user = ‘your db userr’;
$mosConfig_password = ‘your db password’;
$mosConfig_db = ‘your database name’;
$mosConfig_dbprefix = ‘your table prefix’;

Just edit those to the values for your DreamHost Joomla! database, and you should be good to go. :wink:

Additional Note:

Later Joomla! versions allow all of these except $mosConfig_password to be set interactively from the Joomla! administrative back-end (Site -> Global Configuration -> Database), so you can also set them from within Joomla! by just logging into the administrator, or you can just edit them directly in the configuration file. :wink: .