Moving Joomla! from one URL to a new one

I’m going to build a new website for my brother’s business. He currently is hosted at another provider. I need to build a new site at a temporary URL; when we’re live, he’ll forward his URL to the new one. Then we’ll transfer his regular URL to DreamHost. Then, I need to move his new site (the one I build) from the temp. URL to his newly-transferred one here.

Am I looking at this correctly? His site needs to stay up during the re-build and transfer.

My question is this: HOW DO I transfer the site I build from one URL to another (Joomla, again, so it has MySQL and stuff… going to have a shopping cart too.)? I presume I’d need a new MySQL thing at the final URL, i.e., I couldn’t simply FTP everything from the old to the new and expect it to work. Right?

I’m very familiar with the Joomla CMS; MySQL and stuff, not so much.


Here is what I would do (take it with a grain of salt because I am a) no joomla expert, b) not an expert in anything :slight_smile: ):

If all works, you’re done… if not, switch back the DNS to the other provider’s IP, analyze what went wrong and try again. Good luck :slight_smile:

Yep, this can be a problem. The key is to keep your visitors in the loop.

Plan on doing this at a non-peak time. Check your access logs to see when you have the fewest number of visitors. (Probably overnight.) Then put a notice on your current site that your site will go down for maintenance at that time for a few hours, so they know to complete their shopping prior to that.