Moving install from easy to advanced

If I one-click install software in easy mode (wordpress, mediawiki) and later decide I want to have more customization, can I migrate it over to my server and make it “advanced mode?”

Thanks for your time,


No. The best you can hope for is to use each of their Export options to export your old data, and then import it to the new installation.

I don’t see the attraction to an Easy install when there’s an Advanced install available. Easy only saves you the one step of upgrading the Advanced when updates become available.


Thanks for your thoughts. My thought behind using “easy” mode was that perhaps it would prevent slowdowns that I seem to have from time to time on other domains that I have wordpress, etc. installed on. Also maybe the uptime for a blog (for instance) would be better since I believe it would be on a different server. But really, you are right, advanced is just a smarter choice.

Thanks again for your answer.