Moving hosting from GoDaddy to DH


I posted this over at the WP forum but now wonder if it was a better question for here.

I have signed up for DH hosting service and have gone through the WP installation and set up my WP site. I’m happy with my site now and I need to start the process of moving my hosting from GoDaddy to DH. My site is live at, so I need to know what my next steps should be to:

  1. Set up hosting at DH
  2. Move my site from the mirror site to
  3. Anything else that I’m sure I’m missing…

Thank you in advance for your help, it has been huge so far.


You already did 1 (your hosting is how you got

Add the domain to us, point your DNS to us, and you should be good to go :slight_smile:

There’s also the ‘change the URL in your blog to be the new domain’ too, mind you.


I’d like to start the process of moving from the mirror site to the site, but I’m not sure what steps to take to accomplish this. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thank you


It looks like you did it already.

You’re running WordPress, so all you have left is to change your internal links.

We have directions for this:

You should start at step 4 :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for your help!


I am trying to do something similar for The domain is registered elsewhere and current site is hosted elsewhere.

I built the new site using a DH free domain of and a WP one-click install hosted with DH. I’m now ready to launch the site live to Here’s what I’ve done so far. Am I missing anything?

[]Updated A record at domain registrar to DH IP (IP required, nameservers not allowed)
]Added domain to DH as fully hosted under “Manage Domains” in the control panel
[]At WP install, updated the URL under General Settings to for both fields and pressed Save.
]Via FTP, I changed the name of the folder (which had all of my WP files) to (I first renamed the folder to

My site isn’t up yet, which is to be expected given propagation times, but is there anything else that I need to do to have the site live at

I’m new at this so any help would be hugely appreciated!


Do you want to be a ‘mirror’ of or do you want to reuse the domain later for other things?

Right now, you have pointing to a separate folder on your server than (if you go in to Manage Domains in your panel, you can see the ‘Web Directory’ on the two sites is different). You can either change to point to where lives, or copy the files over to (which would be better, IMO, since it’s less confusion later :wink: ).

Then all you have left is to search/replace in the database for WP to change your content to have the new domain. If you see the directions here - - you’d start with step 4 :slight_smile:


I have no other use for once the site is live at I just set it up to build out the site somewhere other than the real domain. I don’t have any plans to have it be a mirror.

I see under Manage Domains that the two are pointing to separate webs directories. to and to I have all of my WP files in the folder. Nothing remains in the folder other than a few favicon files.

Are you saying that all I have left is to follow the link and start with step #4 to search/replace the database? It seems like I have have otherwise followed the right steps.

Thanks for your help! The site is now live and the link you provided helped me fix all my content issues.

I appreciate it!


Yes and yes :smiley: Great job :smiley: