Moving hosting from another host to Dreamhost



When moving to dreamhost we need to move over all of our configured email accounts - I think there are 10-15 of them.

How is that accomplished with dreamhost - do we need to set up each account again?

Will email get “lost” while the forwarding process occurs?

We also have a wordpress blog that we need to switch over. We’ve been building it on this site but need to use the domain name of the site that we’ve been hosting elsewhere.



If you are coming from a cPanel host there’s a new automated feature:

If not, the migration is more involved.


I too have a website elsewhere that is redirected to by Dreamhost because, a year ago, I was not yet comfortable with website design and the 3rd party was very easy to setup/begin to start. I’m now ready for a more involved role and feel a Joomla CMS should be my platform going forward. I don’t believe any import or transfer is possible because it is coded by another app altogether. How may I begin building a “trial” (my use only) of my new Dreamhost Joomla site (I guess as a subdirectory of my main domain)? Will Dreamhost still redirect the subdomain as well? My hope is that if I browse to “mydomain/mysubdomain.XXX”, I will then be able to build my new site while the 3rd party (the ongoing current primary site) continues until I cancel that account in the near future. I would then move the subdomain up to be the primary? Thanks for any replies.


You can use a temporary address for development.

[color=#808000]Panel > Domains > Add New Domain/Sub-Domain[/color]

Under Fully Hosted enter: [whatever_you_want]

After you move your domain over to DH you can switch your development subdomain to your actual sub.domain


Griz, thank you for your reply. My intended primary address is intended to be By “actual sub-domain” do you mean ? I’m not currently using a sub-domain that I know of. When I cancel the other “template third-party vendor” I now use, and stop DH redirecting traffic to that 3rd party, will DH and the web public still just use as my primary address? These questions are why I’m in the Beginners Forum!


No, I don’t mean the www sub-domain. While www is in every sense a sub-domain; when domains are used as primarily web-only devices, webhosts and end-users generally treat the fully qualified domain.tld and www.domain.tld as being the same entity.

At Dreamhost every domain and sub-domain you create in Panel is an entity in it’s own right at the point of creation. You can create x sub-domains and have them controlled by y different users. In your particular case this means you can have your primary domain redirected to another Host and still host multiple sub-domains right here at Dreamhost under your current, or different, user(s).

Just set up a sub.domain.tld under a user and set it as Fully Hosted.

Utilising a sub-domain for your development purposes can help make migrating tasks a lot easier to follow when the time comes to move sites from Host to Host.