Moving host

So i have two site for my clients live on another host.I want to move the registration as well as hosting on dreamhost for both.I do not want to break anything in the site as i am doing this.If i start the registration transfer for both and add them as ‘fully hosted’ domain,install wordpress on both at dreamhost.At what point do i change the nameserver and cancel the other host?or do i even need to change the nameserver,since i am planning to move the registration to dreamhost anyway?All i care is,i don’t want those site to break while i am setting this up.

I would postpone initiating the transfer.

Set the sites up using a free sub domain as a mirror.

When the sites are ready, change the nameservers.

After all is done and working, then worry about transferring registration sometime before its next expiration.

I would agree. You can sign up with dreamhost then use a free sub domain as a mirror. Then when the sites is ready you can change the nameservers to But if you’d rather just transfer it all at once, that is an option as well. You can see this link here

Now, as far as your registration goes. You can transfer that over anytime you’d like. Here is another link that will show you step by step how to get this done smoothly

If you have any further questions along the way please feel free to contact us here and we’ll be glad to help

Cedric H
DreamHost Staff

For zero downtime:

After everything works at DreamHost.

If the sites are already propagated with data, I’d use a HOSTS hack to get everything set up correctly on a Fully Hosted domain here. Another alternative is lower on that same page - using DreamHosts DNS from your local computer.

After you’re done, revert your local settings.

Yes, change them as a final check that everything is working as it should be at their new home. After that you can initiate transfer.

If your clients have active email, don’t forget to set that up before flipping nameservers too.

ok,it sounds totally dumb.Do you really mean to use ‘mysite.dreamhosters’ as subdomain name.I mean does the word ‘dreamhosters’ is the part of the subdomain name?I am following this link and understood as this is the part of the subdomain name for testing purpose
However it gives me this error
The domain you selected was invalid: “dreamhosters” is not a valid TLD for a domain!

I went to the mirror section and entered mysite.dreamhosters as the subdomain to mirror(selecting the drop down website name)
never mind.i know what i was missing.this helped

nb123, no you’re making a new domain that happens to be a subdomain.

Check out