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Having some problems with setting up my website on dreamhost. It is currently a blog, you can see it at I want to swap it to dreamhost using the software.

We have setup and paid for a year’s hosting with dreamhost, and faffed about trying to one-click install the software on the dreamhost control panel. However, nothing seems to be working and we are unable to import the old website details or view a control panel

We own the domain ‘’, registered through

We have tried following the various tutorials available online to get things set-up but are having no joy. If anyone can shed any light on this we’d be extremely grateful! Let me know if any more information is needed.



This may be of some use to you:

Be sure to take the time to actually read it as it will have all the steps you need to take. I see you haven’t even updated your dns to point to DH servers but that can wait until your files are actually ready. The wiki article mentions what to do before you switch the DNS settings.

Thanks for the reply. I think baby steps are needed; a lot of that url you posted was completely alien to me!

Here’s where I am up to so far (according to emails):

Got hosting with DH
FTP user account ‘semsoc’ activated
Installed wordpress onto through DH one-click

I can get onto the ftp client ‘net2ftp’ using the log-in details supplied in an email, putting the FTP server as ‘’. If I put the FTP server as ‘’ it doesn’t work.

Going into the FTP client with the callisto server, there is a directory called on there. It seems to have all the wordpress stuff in it.

Now, another email said ‘wordpress successfully installed on your site’. It has various instructions, the first being 'setup an admin user at however, if I click this url, it is a 404 not found page on our old site. Similarly, the other links in the email just go to the dashboard or don’t work. I’m wondering, is this because we still have the original blog still up and running? Or is it something to do with switching these DNS? I tried to find how to do that in dashboard but didnt have much joy.

Thanks again for your help

Did you go to manage domains and add a sub-domain (i.e. since that is free…) and make it a mirror of That is what you would need to do in order to test the site you have created before you switch the dns settings over.

@semsoc - did you ever get past the 404 page? Im experiencing the same problem.