Moving from to Dreamhost

Hi there,

I’ve been trying with mounting stress and no success to do what in theory should be simple: I want to move my blog to my new domain registered and hosted through Dreamhost. That’s it. Thus far, though, I can’t even seem to install the WordPress app. Please help–it would be greatly appreciated.

Is installing the app the first thing I should be doing? Here’s what happens:

1. Panel > Goodies > One-Step Install > WordPress (easy, right?! Oh, how they flirt with you…)
2. In the “DreamHost One-Click Installer: WordPress” window that pops up, I click the “Custom Installation” button (the only option, as I see it)
3. In the drop-down here [Install to > “Select a domain”] there is nothing populated except for "---------"
4. In the text box field to the right of the drop-down [Install to: “Select a domain”/ _________ ] I am also unsure what to put. Just typing my domain isn’t working. (I get “Please select a URL”)

Again, your help would be very appreciated. Thanks, in any case, for your time.

You will need to add your domain on the “manage domains” page of the panel. That will make it appear in the one-click drop-down. (you might want to leave the space after the / blank)

If your DNS is still pointed to you will either need to change that or use these instructions:

additional reading:

Also remember that with any DNS change there is a delay (12-24 hours usually) for propagation:

I took a look at your account, if you click on the drop down for ‘Select a domain’ there is one domain available now. You should be able to install there, as DNS seems to be pointing to us :slight_smile:

Oh, this greatly helps! Thank you so much. I greatly appreciate it.
Thank you both, I mean here!