Moving from VPS

Is dreamcompute ready to migrate a webserver from a Dreamhost hosted VPS? If so, what would the process be for moving the SSL cert and services over?

DreamCompute is still in beta so it’s possible you’ll still see unexpected behavior. It’s certainly capable of running a site, but we don’t have an automated way to move services and certs from VPS servers to DreamCompute.

DreamCompute is unmanaged which means you have complete control over it, but we have no access to help you support the software you run on it. If you only need to run a site, I’d suggest keeping it on a VPS. Just my 2¢!

Is this still the case? I just got an e-mail today about how the VPS API is being discontinued at the end of this month, and DreamCompute is being offered as the alternative, so how am I supposed to migrate?

Personally I find this far too little notice; I’m a user of the VPS API yet it’s being phased out and the alternative is considered to be under beta? This isn’t something that should be given two week’s notice, why can’t it wait till next year?

I’m going to try the trial to see what I can do, with it, but are there any caveats I should know? How easy will it be for me to create a simple web-server setup, do I have to install all of this myself or are there still default binaries that can be installed for me?

Same situation here, I also got this e-mail.

  • The alternative is still in beta and not yet ready.
  • There is no easy way to migrate all the sites.
  • Less than two weeks notice!

I just found out that Sudo access is going away on the VPS instances on November 30. I am completely beside myself, I have relied on Sudo for years on a VPS instance. Things will almost undoubtedly break very fast for me without it.

I tried looking at DreamCompute, but I can’t even signup as the beta is full.

Anyone have any other suggestions for a service provider with a similar level of service that allows full control with sudo?

This seems completely unprofessional to me. I have been a DH customer for 10 years and I get less than two weeks notice that the service I use is being canceled.

Really? Wow. I hadn’t tried to signup yet, so that leaves us nowhere to go.

I don’t know another VPS provider with a service similar to Dreamhost, but I have been using something like Dreamcompute somewhere else for a year or two, and it is not in a limited Beta either: (link gives you $10 referral credit)

You should receive an update to the VPS admin user removal email soon. We will work with customers to allow more time to find other methods to achieve the same goal that some are using an admin user for. As well, DreamCompute capacity expansion is in the works and we’ll have that out as soon as possible. If you sign up for the notification list in the panel, we’ll update you when we can let you in.

[quote=“krkeegan, post:5, topic:62718”]
I just found out that Sudo access is going away on the VPS instances on November 30. I am completely beside myself, I have relied on Sudo for years on a VPS instance. Things will almost undoubtedly break very fast for me without it.[/quote]
I didn’t realise sudo was going too; one of my main reasons for switching to a VPS was the option of using nginx (I found apache way too memory hungry for shared hosting), but the default dreamhost nginx setup is pretty poor without modifications, which requires sudo to do things like use a newer PHP version and then get everything to stay stable.

I guess I’m lucky I got into the DreamCompute beta, as people being forced to switch must be flooding in. I’ve managed to get nginx and PHP setup and running well, but doing everything myself involves a lot of planning to decide where the best place to put things is, as I’m trying to emulate some of the Dreamhost setup (sites and logs located under a user account).

I’m trying to write a script to automate some of the setup for new sites, and I should be able to use rsync to transfer a site’s files (I expect this is what Dreamhost uses to do it), but a very fiddly thing to do yourself. I still haven’t decided what to do about updates though, what with DreamCompute being unmanaged; I’m hoping I can find a way to have important security updates installed automatically so long as they don’t require a restart, and setup notifications for the rest so I can decide when to test and apply them.

One question though; does anyone know what the situation is with e-mail and DreamCompute? If I move everything over to a DreamCompute instance and cancel my VPS then will I still get managed e-mail for my domains, or will I need to setup a mail server too?

Thanks for your feedback. It is possible to make some modifications to our nginx on VPS without an admin user by using the local files in your home directory:

Shared email is currently not provided with DreamCompute, so if you require shared email you will have to maintain a shared, VPS or dedicated plan. We do understand that running your own mail server can be a lot of unnecessary work, and are looking to offer a less expensive email-only plan in the near future specifically for DreamCompute customers.

This completely sucks. It seems extremely unprofessional to remove a service when your alternate “solution” is still in beta and can’t even accept new users. My only conclusion is that Dreamhost would rather we leave than to deal with the 0 support requests I made concerning administrator access.

I looked into Elastic Compute on Amazon Web Services. As someone else said, it seems a bit fiddly to get everything setup the way you want it, but it certainly can be done. The price for the first year looks pretty good, ~$5/month, but goes up to ~$15 /month in the second year.

In the interim, if you want to make it difficult for DH to remove your sudo access you can prevent them from logging in to your VPS. I will caution, this will mean that the Dreamhost panel will also not be able to make changes to your configuration. You really will be completely on your own to manage your VPS, so be careful.

But, if you log in to your account as an administrator and as root rename:


To something like:


The Dreamhost panel and dreamhost support will no longer be able to SSH into your machine. Of course, they can still simply turn off your VPS, and with direct access to your storage, they can make modifications to your filesystem without needing SSH.

[quote=“JustinK, post:9, topic:62718”]Thanks for your feedback. It is possible to make some modifications to our nginx on VPS without an admin user by using the local files in your home directory:

I never found this to work as expected; this was a big part of my needing sudo to modify it, as I couldn’t get the local configuration for changing PHP version to work at all until I disabled supervisord so that nginx could start-up and manage its own PHP instances, but then that ended up being unstable for some reason, so I spawned my own supervisord setup to handle it; not possible without sudo though.

That’s a shame; I may have a go at setting up an e-mail server to test in the mean time then.

If I do go this route, what would be the best way to go about changing the MX records for my domain(s)? Currently they’re not editable, presumably because I have an active e-mail service; is it possible to “pause” e-mail service on a domain so I can edit these records, without actually deleting anything (so if things go wrong I have the option of going back, so long as I still have my VPS)?

It’s likely more economical for you to pay for a shared hosting account to get email. Rolling your own mail server takes you into a completely different admin world, where you must deal with more DNS than just the mx record. Sure once you get those extra records for SPF and DKIM correct they require very little maintenenace. Likely you won’t be sending spam, but if you do somehow make it to a real time blacklist or RBL because your using a dreamhost IP, you won’t like the process of attempting to get the mail block removed.

If you do choose your own mail server, the place to edit an mx record in the panel is here:

Can you say if this will happen before november 30th when the changes will happen?

I wouldn’t hold your breath. Customer Support was unwilling to provide me that guarantee.

I did find a very similar service for $10/month:

I would suggest to Dreamhost not to make such major, potentially site-breaking changes right in the middle of the Holiday shopping season, especially for those of us who run major ecommerce-related businesses on Dreamhost…

Dreamhost killed the VPS API functionality today.
While you can’t even sign up to Dreamcompute yet.
This after using their service for 10 years, just like that, with 2 weeks notice, poof it’s gone.

I was lucky enough to get into DreamCompute when they announced they were ditching the API, and the DreamCompute host I’ve setup is definitely much better than the managed + root & API VPS it is replacing, since I’ve had total freedom to use nginx + HHVM + memcached + MariaDB 10 and still have RAM to spare with a blazing fast web-host.

However, two weeks was barely enough time; I was still rushing to get my last (also most popular) site moved across on the Monday. The biggest drain on time has been setting up my own backup scripts to give me local MySQL and file history, plus offsite backup to DreamObjects.

There was a lot to learn, and even following some excellent guides it’s a lot more work compared to just tweaking a setting here or there with my VPS admin account. In my case I followed the Arstechnica WebServed series of guides, but they came out in 2012 so a lot of stuff has changed (if anyone follows it too, most packages are in aptitude already, no need to add repositories unless you want MariaDB 10 like I did). But like I say; you need to install and manage everything yourself, I also had to bolt on supervisor, as HHVM still crashes from time to time under heavier loads.

But yeah, I’m still very disappointed by how short notice the change has been; I mean what was it really costing to keep the VPS admin and API options available for another few months until DreamCompute is out of beta and available to all? By all means prevent access to new VPS admin and API accounts, or riddle them with deprecation warnings, but just ditching them in two weeks is extremely poor customer service when the alternative is a beta service that not everyone can get into (even if they’re willing to make such a drastic switch).

I didn’t receive an email, but Dreamcompute appears to be open for signups, at least for a brief period. I was able to get 1 instance going.

i just want to chime in, that what they are doing to VPS service is very, very disappointing. removing the API, removing sudo/root access… and for what? because some people break their sites? i cant help but think thats a BS reason. it doesnt really make much sense. “in order to provide you a better service, we are limiting your service”.

i have loved dreamhost for years and years and years, but the reasons i love them seem to be slowly going away.