Moving from Shared to VPS

So this is a hypothetical question since I am not yet a customer. Assuming I sign up with your shared hosting plan and after 8 months, I am told that my needs have grown and so I must move to VPS. My questions are:

  1. Does Dreamhost give me a grace period on my shared hosting till I make arrangements to move? Or would my site be suspended until then?

  2. If I do plan to move to Dreamhost’s VPS, would Dreamhost take care of the migration from the shared to the VPS plan, or do I have to take care of setting my server from scratch?

  3. What about payment - if I go for the annual plan, would I be refunded pro-rata (and adjusted with the VPS) or do I lose my money the moment I make the payment?

Thank you.

1- you keep shared hosting open as long as you want before cancelling. In fact, some people keep both plans.

2- your stuff gets copied to the VPS for you. You may need to make adjustments and tweaks because the environment is different. The move is easy, but not hands off entirely. A wordpress that was optimized for shared may need some tweaking due to the new environment.

3- when you cancel the shared hosting portion of your account, you get a pro-rated credit to your account for the unused days.