Moving from Shared Hosting to Managed WordPress VPS

Hi all. I’ll soon have to move one of my clients’ website from a Shared Hosting to Managed WordPress VPS solution. I was wondering how long the process is gonna take approximately…
In between I’ll be adding through the Polylang plugin a second language to that website and I read a comment to an article about Multilingual SEO in WordPress that was saying that it will be safer to move the website to the VPS before adding a second language. Is it really better to move to a VPS before adding the second language or, considering that the two tasks will be happening one right after the other, a couple of days difference wouldn’t change that much?
Thanks in advance.

Hi Emanuele,

Our apologies for the long delay to respond to this. We have been trying to catch up things here. I’m sorry if this does not apply anymore. So moving the actual files depends on the size, usually 1 hour or less for smaller sites, larger ones can take a bit longer. Then DNS records need to propagate which can take 4-24 hours if you are using our name servers.

In regards to the plugin,we would wait to install it until you are on the DreamPress instance, as the hosting environment is different from our Shared hosting, mostly due to caching.

We hope that helps. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our technical support team via Email or Live Chat.

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