Moving from one-click install to a full install


Hi there,

So, I’ve had Dreamhost for many years, and I’m ashamed to say I haven’t really done anything super impressive with my website. I recently started a blog though which my family and friends enjoy reading, but I used one-click installation to get it going.

I would like to do the full install so that I can have access to more features, custom themes, and stuff of that nature. However, I can’t seem to find anything about moving from a one-click install to a full install.

I’ve read about how to install it on my server, but I have two big questions about this process…

1 – How do I use the same subdomain I am currently using with the one-click install for my new install? Would I have to uninstall the one-click to free up that name and re-create it manually so that I have access to the FTP server for it?

2 – Is there any way to backup my entries that are posted on the one-click install and move them to the new install?

I may be way off here, because I know I technically have an account with Wordpress, so should those entries just be saved in their database, or are they part of my database that I just can’t see? In other words, the subdomain where my blog is sitting is not visible or accessible from my regular FTP so I have no idea what files are there, how to back them up or move them, etc.

I’m just trying to figure out the best way to do this that doesn’t involve me copying and pasting every entry, reposting them all on a new site that may potentially have a completely different name that I’d have to tell everybody about.

If that was confusing, I apologize, as I just got done working a 12 hr shift… but if it made sense to anybody and you have some ideas I’d be thrilled for the help. :slight_smile:

Thank you!



If your install was what used to be called “simple” it’s not to difficult to switch over to the full or custom install. You can also resue the same database, meaning all of your post comments and other information will be retained.

The basic steps are:

  1. Delete the one click install via Goodies -One click installs. (this does not delete your database.)
  2. navigate to manage domains and set the sub-domain you wanted to use to ‘fully hosted’
  3. If you don’t know your database password use the mysql page in the panel to change it so that you know it.
  4. Use the one-click installer again to re-install, don’t let it create it’s own database, instead use the details from the previous database.

The one-click installer now does only full installs.

Be careful what theme’s, features or plugins you install. Make sure they come from a reliable and trusted source, otherwise they can come with security holes that create back doors. It doesn’t matter if your site is of limited interest, to the hackers it’s just another URL under control. For more information see:


Thank you so much for your helpful reply. :slight_smile: I will try this out later today, and I will definitely be cautious about what I install. I just want to have a little more control over the design, plugins, etc.