Moving from godaddy to dreamhost

Hi, everyone.

I just moved from godaddy to here and already done transfer domain, import mysql and ftp my previous backup from godaddy.

I can connect to my website but it doesnt look like it was. When I was with godaddy, I connect to wordpress through their menu and then I import the theme I purchased from Prophoto ( and then adjust to what I wanted.

Now, I connect to my website, and its the default theme from Prophoto, and I don’t know how to fix it.

I tried to deleted all files on ftp and re upload, but it’s the same.

I feel really helpless and really appreciate if anyone can help me to solve the problem.

Many thanks.

If you mean “I edited the theme files to change my site’s appearances” then unless you backed up your theme files, your changes are gone. That’s why you use a child theme, rather than editing theme files.

If you mean something else, please advise us how you made the adjustments and we can recommend a course of action.