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I’m working on transferring a site from an old host to dreamhost. At the same time, the site is getting a complete makeover. I don’t want to initiate the transfer until the development is completely done, so in order to do all my development, I’ve setup a domain and have installed several services: joomla, gallery2, oscommerce, etc. and begun customizing these sections. When I’m ready to move these files to the new live site, what will I need to do besides copy the files to the correct directory on my account? I’ll be using the same mysql database for the development and live site, so that should all remain the same. Are there scripts available somewhere to migrate files from one domain on my dreamhost account to another?

Or, another method I haven’t figured out how to do yet . . . Is it possible to view a domain that has been added on dreamhost but hasn’t been transferred in DNS? Say, for instance, is hosted somewhere else, but I’m going to eventually transfer it to be hosted on Dreamhost. Say I FTP all my content to the area on dreamhost that I’ve designated as Is there a way to view that content over a browser? Or do I have to wait until I make the DNS change?

thanks in advance for the replies.


I think the best way to do this is to add your main site into the panel, then set up to mirror your main site. No, this won’t mirror it from where you domain is currently hosted, but will instead mirror the content dreamhost has for that site.

This gives you a way to access the site via http to make sure everything is set up and working properly. then when you’re ready to actually transfer the site all you have to do is chnage the DNS settings at the registrar. There’s no copying and re-installing this way.



You can set your “real” domain to mirror your subdomain when you’re ready to deploy. Another possibility is to set up the domain in the Control Panel as usual and then rename the folder /home/username/ to /home/username/ when you want to make the change.

Another option (if you plan this from the beginning) is to create the new domain in the Control Panel, and then set the development subdomain to mirror this domain. When you’re site is ready, update the DNS to point to DreamHost’s servers.

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