Moving from /beta to live



I have a domain… with wordpress installed on it that I have been customizing. It has been a while and I want to make sure I move it to correctly. Can someone refresh me on the steps to do this?

Thanks a lot


Option: install WordPress in parent folder Copy installed themes, childtheme, plugins and so on from subfolder ‘beta’ to parent folder. Add wanted users.
Then export beta-site and import this into ‘new-site’. Categories, menu’s and media will be moved while importing. You can connect posts from beta-users with users you added to your new-site.
You have to adapt the widgets again and tell the theme wich menu should be shown as primary.
Perhaps, when you install WordPress in the parent folder, you can connect it with the same database you used in the beta folder. I have no experience with that.
Or you can keep the installed beta-database separated and use this beta installation for further development.


There are simpler ways than mentioned above. Search this forum and or wordpress codex, this topics been handled many many times.