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I have a BLog ( wich is hosted in Spain . This hosting many times is down, or is really slow, and I find a lot of troubles updating it. I was planning to change the hosting (domain, Blog and everything else) to Dreamhost, but I am a little bit scared about the DNS change, prices, technical issues (my Blog is on WP 2.01), database back up and restoring… and those things.

Any body has had any experience like this that could share with me? I am worried, but I am pretty sure I need to transfer the hosting somewhere else if I want my blog to be succsessful. Please help with this and if so, help me with the discount codes.

Thanks to everybody from Spain,

If you are hosting a blog using WP, normal hosting plan L1 is more than enough, unless you want to host more than one domain. You can click my signature. it will bring you to the plan selection page. You can choose L1 plan 1 year and it will cost you only $22.4.

Also, DreamHost got 1 click install for WP so it will be easy to install here. What needed is you backup the database from your old site and restore them here. You can use PHPMyAdmin or even MySQLAdmin (free tool from to do that. I myself use MySQLAdmin and it is very easy to migrate to DreamHost.

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with wordpress you can export the data as an xml file then import it in to another installation then its simply a case of installing your theme and plugins.

I haven’t transferred a domain myself but it sseems to be a standard thing that happens all the time so I doubt you would have any problems except maybe a little downtime as it transfers

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Make sure to do a database backup and then you can easily restore it into the Dreamhost MYSQL databases via PHPMYADMIN.

As far as wordpress, the best way (in my opinion) is to backup the whole directory and then create the database manually. Insert the new database (username,password,database hostname) into your db config and you should be set. Otherwise, you will not have any of your uploaded theme modifications/uploaded content/etc.

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If you do decide to use the “install and move content” route, I would recommend upgrading your old installation to the latest version of WordPress to eliminate any incompatibilities.

How many plugins are you using?

I’ve migrated using both methods. I once backed everything up, moved it all over and started it up. In that case, there are instructions over in the WordPress Codex for doing it all.

Later, I wanted the simplicity of using the DreamHost one-click installs (as well as the notification of potentially tested upgrade availability), so I created a new install and moved all my content over. In that the hardest part was reinstalling all my plugins and setting my plugin settings and options.

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Not sure why L1 wouldn’t be good for more than one domain…you get 2TB of bandwidth and 200GB of space, which easily can host multiple domains. You’d only need a higher plan if you have an extremely popular site.

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Thanks for pointing out my mis-presentation. I want to point out that using promo code to save $97 is good enough unless he want more than one domains, which he can choose to have some more lifetime free domains. However, what I input is misleading that L1 plan is not enough for more than one domain.

I will be more careful and thanks again for your correction.

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Make sure you read everything you can find before coming to DH. Many of the claims you’re making against your current provider some people (I’d say a vocal minority) accuse DH of the same issues.

Check and the forums.

Not that I’m trying to discourage you, I like DH and am very happy with the service I get, but some people just aren’t happy here. I fear that they wouldn’t be happy anywhere but you can’t explain that to them.

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