Moving from an HTML site to a WordPress site

Hello all,
First time posting here and please accept my apologies if this is the wrong forum or if this has been asked before. I’ve had a plain HTML site hosted on DH for about 10 years and I JUST dipped into WordPress. I used to maintain the HTML site simply by updating the HTML files and dropping them into my FTP folder.

I decided to install WP under and now that I really like the outcome so much, I want to make it just as the old site was, so if I just type it goes directly to the homepage instead of having to type /home.

My questions are:

  • How can I achieve this?
  • Can I just backup all of the old HTML files from my FTP folder (just in case) and just copy all of the WP files and folders from the “home” folder into the “root” folder?
  • I’ve seen mentions around of having a “redirect”, could that apply in this situation? To redirect anyone going to site dot com to site dot com/home instead?

Thanks in advance and again, apologies if these are dumb or repeated questions.

You can backup your old files and move everything up one level without much fuss.

If you’ve installed plugins that have set paths in your wp-config.php file then you will likely need to edit those, removing /home from their path.

Another way to achieve the same result without touching files on the server is to leave everything as it is and alter the website’s webroot from Panel:

Panel → Domains → Manage Domains

Click Edit next to the domain in question
Scroll down to “Users, Files, and Paths” and add /home to the path.
Web directory: /home/user/domain.tld/home


Thanks for the prompt and clear reply! Appreciate it. It seems like altering the site’s webroot would be the “least painful” way about it I guess?

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