Moving from an existing Host to Dreamhost

Hi, just signed up and I must say the ability to do things yourself and configure options here on Dreamhost compared to my existing host is great.

I didn’t move my hostname yet, because I want to test everything first before I commit to Dreamhost…so what I have now configured and working is a sub-domain " ".

My domain registration also is with another company, and my plan is to change the name server information to dreamhost once I have moved the data over properly and I’ve tested it. The name servers will be changed to :

Once I’ve done that, and given it enough time to update throughout the internet & tested that everything is working on the dreamhost site I will cancel my existing host.

The problem is, if I upload all my files under the account “” , when I change the domain info to dreamhost servers, will I have to re-upload all files to a new account name? (like myhost ) instead where it is now (

The better approach would be to create your domain here first as and then create a mirror of it at This will work because it’s an internal mirror and DreamHost will serve it up just as if your files were actually in


Thanks for the info, I believe I understand what you are suggesting. Just to make sure…

Do I go into my control panel and Manage Domains, then add a new domain, which would be my domain “” ?
At that point, I should see a new folder created when I log into ftp, called “” , and I upload all my files there?

Since “” still is linked to my old host, trying to access “” will go to my old host. So, in dreamhost control panel I would then mirror “” to “”, so I can then test it properly using “”.

Once I am satisified that “” is working. I can go ahead and switch the Name Server info to Dreamhost name servers. After a few days, once the name server switchover is complete, my site would be accessible from Dreamhosts servers via or

Does that sound right?

That’s exactly it.


Thanks, I’m a little unsure how to perform the mirror. I created the new domain, and now I got a new folder. I’m going to upload the files there.

When I go to manage domains and select “” I do have an option to “domain to mirror” and the drop down has “” … do I select this?

and can I delete the contents of the “” folder?

Thank you for your help.

A mirror is a “New Domain or Subdomain.” It’s a similar process to how you created But instead of picking “Fully Hosted” at the top of the screen, scroll down to the Mirror section.


I see the option, but I’m not sure which domain I enable it under, the domain I just created, or the existing domain.

Right now, I enabled it under “” and it mirrors “

but when I go to view the page in my web browser and enter the URL “” I see the contents of that folder, not “” .

A mirror doesn’t create a folder. It’ll show whatever content is in your folder. I’ve sent you a PM. Click the blinking envelope at the top of this forums screen.


when you go to you see the contents of, not

I got something set wrong, or maybe it must take time before it becomes active. I’m not sure if the setting is correct.

I have all my Web content uploaded in “” folder, and just 2 default files in “

I sent you another PM. If the system created an folder, then you picked Fully Hosted, rather than Mirror. Editing this domain in Manage Domains will let you change it to be a Mirror (or even a redirect, parked or cloak if so desired).


Thanks for your help.

I also deleted the “” folder,
I’ll try it again in a few hours and see if it works.