Moving from an Ensim site

I’m looking to get my site moved to DreamHost from an Ensim managed host. I’m wondering if there is anything I really need to be aware of in order to get everything moved over and back into working order.

It should be quite straight forward. But you can refer to some articles here


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Without knowing how your site is set up it’s hard to give you much more advice than the links provided. But as you work on the move we’ll be around to answer questions.


Well, as I’ve thought more about it and looked into the services I have at my current host, the few main concerns I have are getting the user accounts properly moved over. Namely preserving current passwords.

Aside from that I believe the software I’m primarily using is all open source and widely available, so it’s not going to be a problem during the move and I’ll have to brush up on BIND to get my DNS up and running like usual.

And speaking of DNS, is there a guide or FAQ about domain transfers? Mainly the what/when/how of moving DNS providers.

You can check DH panel --> Domains --> Reg. Transfer.

You can also refer to this article

Hope these will help

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