Moving files to new domain


I’m a beginner when it comes to hosting and servers but I recently sign up with dreamhost on a recommendation.

I built a site using wordpress and now that i’m done i’m have a really hard time figuring out how to publish the site? Not sure the correct terminology here. I have the registered through dreamhost and have tried following the steps here

I just don’t get how to move the folders/files from one location to another. I see them in the webFTP but it doesn’t give me the option to copy or drag and drop them to the I have also changed the url and uri in wordpress to and now I can’t view my site through wordpress or log back in to the dashboard to change it back

please please help!

The menu bar is on the top left hand corner in WebFTP. When you select a file / directory, the copy/move/delete button will be enabled and that is basically for you to move your files.

is there a way to move the whole folder? the only time menu enables the copy move etc. is when i have selected a specific file in that folder…I see that as leaving to much room for error and taking a long time
sorry! I got it! Hopefully this fixes everything

you were almost there! I just went to Manage Domains in your panel, clicked “Edit” to the right of your domain, and changed the directory name it was pointed to there in the “Fully Hosted” settings. Since you already made the URL changes in the WP settings earlier, that’s all it needed! :slight_smile:

so awesome, thank you but when I click the home page the the URL goes back to and my slides stop working. What do I need to do at this point?

The Home link in the top nav appears to be hard-coded.

Take a quick look in WP Admin > Appearance > Menus

Ok fixed the home issue, thank you! I’m still having a issue where if I search my url it shows up as “index of /” and not the title and meta desc I chose

Just wait until the search engine bots visit again and they’ll reindex your complete site data.

If you’ve physically moved the files to the new domain space you might want to set as a permanent redirect to the main domain now.

I was in the process of moving the files but I ran into a problem with some files not moving AND i had to go through each folder and move everything. Then someone change the web directory for me and the site was working, so i stopped copying the files over. So i don’t think the redirect option with work?

I’d love to say “Yes, it will”, but it’s not entirely clear in this thread what you moved, how much you moved, where you moved it to, and at what stage Support pointed your domain to “somewhere else” so that people could browse the domain. You might need to check with Support again to clarify exactly what they did.

If you visit either location you’ll notice the top nav is rendering links and the footer nav is rendering links. This isn’t good for things such as SEO, etc. If you let Support know about this they’ll fix you up no worries at all.

exactly! SEO is the reason i’m building this site. Support changed the web directory to It’s hard to explain where I left at on copying the files over from to the

I’m in the plugin folders, selecting the files and copying to the same directory under…not sure if this makes sense, it’s time consuming to say the least. When I got the the wp-content > plugins > easy-contact-forms >forms > proc I selected the files and went to copy them to it says theres an error on line 109 and it can not copy the files.

Should I keep copying the files?

I’m currently waiting for suport to get back to me :confused:

I would be inclined to get Support to check it out for you. Thankfully the DreamHost team are in here a lot now and pay great attention to each thread, so I’m sure that someone from their team will read of your issue and straighten things out promptly :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help! I’m trying to wait patiently

You have two different folders on your user account, and, which I totally get is confusing! Especially since is pulling files from the folder.

So here’s the fun :slight_smile: You don’t have to change that. Everything works riught now and points to the non-dreamhosters URL, so you’re good to go it looks like.

If you want to change it (to go less insane, and I totally understand why you would), you can do this:

Via FTP:

  1. Rename to
  2. rename to

The in your panel:

  1. Go to
  2. Edit
  3. Change webdirector from to

After that you should be okay :slight_smile:

Thank you! Support is really lagging. I’m in the WebFTP and I when I click on the it doesn’t give me the option to rename it

Also this is my bigger problem, when you google search the website it shows “index of /” and not the titles i put in

Would your above mention solution take care of that too?

Did you see Ajaxplore when you log into WebFTP? It is strange that you don’t see the rename button on the top left corner.

[quote]Also this is my bigger problem, when you google search the website it shows “index of /” and not the titles i put in

Would your above mention solution take care of that too? [/quote]

No, but that’s because Google takes a while to re-scan your site :slight_smile: If you have a Google Webmaster account, you can ask them to rescan.

I am using the AjaXplorer FTP and there is the rename button but when I click on the folder that says it doesn’t let me select the rename option…does that make sense? I can rename the folder inside that folder but not the folder itself

I would suggest using a real FTP app. No offense to WebFTP, but I want to hit it in the head with a brick most days. WinSCP is free for Windows, and is good with security. Ditto Cyberduck (which is Mac and Windows).