Moving files from one host to New

Sorry if this was answered allready, i’m sure i seen it…
I’m really tired tonight…
I was downloading all my big files and it’s taking all day
So is it possible that i can do this any quicker like transfer
then over the my dh account instead of downloading them
all and then having to upload them again to my dh account?

Thanks in advance!

GS #1

Please to read most excellent article for Wget, or do FTP or sFTP, server-server if can you.

Thanks Bla…

I did read over it but as i’ve never used this before,
Still don’t fully understand how to use those features…
Now worries though, should only be a once off thing…
All my files are downloaded now, should take another day
to out them on my new account lol damn it!

GS #1