Moving files between users

Wasn’t sure where I should post this, figured this would be the most likely spot to be seen by someone who knows something.

I need to grab the contents of a directory beneath the web root in one user’s space and bring it into a directory in another user’s space on the same machine.

What would be the best way to go about doing thi? Both users are shell users



Were both users set up under the same web-id through the panel? If that’s the case, then just ssh in with the ‘recieving’ user and copy the files over. Something like “cp -r /home/userName/

The first directory path is the user who has the files you want to copy, the seconed path is where you want the files placed. “cp” copies so your origionals will still be in place.


ar! bless you, that worked like a charm!

Now splain to me why? What’s up with the panel user’s relationship if you don’t mind…

thanks again!


It has to do with the user grouping. All users that were created through your panel are assigned the same default group. They each have read access to eachother’s files.

So while you basically can’t access just anyone’s files on your server through ssh, you can ‘cross reference’ files anywhere on your account.


very handy info that I was completely unaware of, thanks :slight_smile: