Moving entire web site

I have a fully functioning web site elsewhere and I want to move the whole thing here. I’ve never done this before and I need some hand-holding. I made a temporary directory and I’m in the process of uploading all my files. I got a domain here when I signed up, but I want to use my other domain and have people, when they type that in, come here. In other words, I don’t want it to be a subdomain that will confuse people

I don’t want the url to be which will break all kinds of links I have scattered around the web for my currentdomainelsewhere

How do I migrate my other account here so it’ll be a top-level domain, and with the least amount of disruption? What do I do after I finish uploading all my files?

It’s not a business site btw, it’s just a personal site, but I do run a podcast with regular listeners. I don’t use any other programs (like picture galleries or blog programs), or even e-mail, so none of that is a concern. All I have is my main page and each podcast in its own directory. Very simple.

Help? Thanks!


  • Firstly add your current domain to your DH account. Go to Manage Domains, and choose to fully host your current domain (it doesn’t matter that it’s hosted elsewhere). A folder should be created with the name of the domain name.

  • Login via FTP (or Shell) and upload all your files to the newly created folder.

  • Change the nameservers of your current domain to point to DreamHost.

The domain you registered with DH can be left out of all of this.

You might also want to check out the wiki article linked below, that details a procedure that allows you to test your new site before changing the name servers over.

This procedure basically consists of creating a free sub-domain mirroring your real domain and allows you to be sure that the site is working as intended at its new home, before you disable the old site.


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