Moving email from one DH domain to another


I’ve finally convinced my sister to move her company’s site from a long domain name to a much shorter one. I’ll move the site to the new domain and redirect from the old.

HOWEVER, I’d like to migrate her email accounts to the new domain, too. Since both domains will be under the same DH account, is there a clever way to do it via changes to the MX record or something without having to have everyone archive their email and reupload it all?

In short, the goal is for people to receive and send from instead of – and have seamless access to their old mail – with a minimum of effort and disruption.

Thanks for any help you can provide.


It looks like you can change the domain of and email box by editing in in the panel. In other words you can edit and make it I would definitely create a test account and try it. If you have quite a few you might ask support if they have a way to do them all quickly.[hr]
You can them mirror the old domain to the new domain, so that emails sent to the old are not lost.