Moving E-Mail to Dreamhost?


If I move my website and e-mail to Dreamhost from CoreComm, would there be any problems in e-mailing?

For instance, if I had an account with CoreComm and I wanted to have that same e-mail account with Dreamhost (at my own domain of course), could I just create that same exact e-mail account after I move the nameservers over?

E-mail is my biggest concern if I am going to switch to Dreamhost.


To properly answer that question, we would need to know a good deal more about what you mean by “problems” and exactly how you intend to use your email on Dreamhost. This is primarily because of Dreamhost’s smtp/sendmail limits and quotas and things like ISP port blocking that could mean you would need to reconfigure you POP/IMAP clients to use an alternate port. If you consider email associated with the domain in question to be “mission critical”, I suggest you search these forums and read up a bit. Given the nature of “shared server” hosting, some Dreamhost users have found it desireable to host their domain at Dreamhost and their email at a dedicated email service provider. Here, YMMV, but it never hurts to research a bit :wink:

The answer to this one is a lot more straight-forward, and the answer is “Absolutely, Yes!”



My advice to avoid any service interruption :

Install email(s) on dreamhost first (with domains, accounts, ect…),
Then, when everything is ok, change dns settings.

All new emails will be now on dreamhost (this may take a few hours).

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