Moving Drupal Site to Dreamhost



I have a live site (domainname) that is on another hosting site. I would like to move it over to Dreamhost.

I created a fully hosted domain and SVN checkouted to this directory home/username/domainname.

I have two questions:

  1. I am trying to follow these instructions DNS - Viewing site before DNS change to mirror the site to
    But the page doesn’t load. Is down?

  2. I created a new database and a new user on a new hostname
    But I cannot access phpMyAdmin

The domainname is live on another hosting site, so it is up and running. But I need to move it to Dreamhost, and would like to test this visually on Dreamhost before I change the DNS.

Please assist! :slight_smile:
Thank you!

  1. takes a bit of time. wait at least an hour. how long ago did you add the subdomain?
  2. i think you’ll need to either wait or use the CLI


Aha! :smiley: I think I have been a bit spoiled in the last year with all the domain’s I’ve set up. No wait time. 5 minutes max. I was so lucky!

Color me embarrassed! But thank you for being kind and helpful!

I see the database, and hopefully this will work: DNS - Viewing site before DNS change

Thank you!


I actually initiated and completed a domain name transfer between registrars within about an hour or two once, so I can never really understand why sometimes DNS-related things take so long. Sometimes things propagate very quickly, and other times…

BTW, you should remember to remove your site from dreamhosters when its up and running. You’d be surprised how many people forget about that: