Moving Domains to other DreamHost Account

First, let me say that I do not need assistance with moving files, databases or DNS records.

This is a question about domain registrations only. Also, I have a ticket in, but wondered if anyone out there has experience:

Currently I have several domains registered on my DreamHost Account for various clients of mine.

I would like to move some of these to their own DreamHost account. I do not want to create sub-accounts on my account. I want these clients to have a full Dreamhost account with their domains registered on that account.

All of the domains are currently paid up and current.

To move the domains, I am being charged $11.95 for each domain. This fee goes towards another year of registration. The previous registration appears to also be transferred, so now these domains are registered for two years (after moving them)

Can I be exempt from that fee and just move the domain?

Well, while I was writing this the response came back from DreamHost: NO! The internet gods demand the fee must be paid!

Okay, I will post this in case anyone else has the same question.

For posterity:

Nope, I’m afraid not. ICANN regulations require that we handle “internal” domain transfers (e.g, between DreamHost accounts) the same way as we would handle a transfer to or from another domain registrar. Sorry. :frowning: