Moving domains to new account


I recently (as in, tonight – 3/8/06) closed my account. I had two domains hosted on dreamhost, and had to close my account for financial reasons.

Anyhow, one of my friends offered to let me move my domains to her dreamhost account. The problem is that when I try to add the domains to her account I get a “Can’t add domain: already in our system.”

Am I just too impatient? g Or will support have to do something like this for me?


It’s probably still being processed out of the databases. Give it a day and then try again.
Failing that you’ll have to contact the Happy Campers :slight_smile:



I’m having the exact same problem, but my account was cancelled on Sunday night, yet we received the same error today.


I’d contact support–even if it is something that fixes itself.

If it happens to drop from the system while you’re waiting for a response that’s great, if not, at least they should be able to speed the process up for you.

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