Moving domain from 1 dreamhost account to another


I need to move a domain currently held on 1 dreamhost account to my domain.
I have the transfer auth code but every time I try I get the error "account already on dreamhost.

How can I redirect this?

Thanks in advance.

Your entire post is quite confusing, especially considering the title.

If you’re trying to move, as the title of this thread suggest, a domain from 1 DreamHost account to another DreamHost account, then I’m quite positive that’s not possible.

You can always file a ticket and ask support yourself however, but you’ll probably get a similar response.

Transferring a domain from one DreamHost account to another is not something you can do yourself, you will need to contact DreamHost support with all the relevant details and have them transfer the domain across.

I should point out that there are restrictions on transferring domains between ‘promotional’ accounts, that is accounts that were created using a promo-code. I believe this is to prevent ‘rorting’ of the promo-code system.


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