Moving domain contents to another domain

I just purchased a new domain and added it to Dreamhost. I also have a old domain with a bunch of information that i would like to be transferred to the new domain. Both domains are on the same account and stuff but is there a way I can move these files to the other domain without having to DOWNLOAD everything(aprox 2 gb worth of PICTURES–about 30,000 FILES) and RE-UPLOAD to the new domain? I did this before when i moved to dreamhost and it was hell. Please tell me there is a way! there has got to be a way!

If your old domain is not live, then how about renaming the directories under which the domains are?

  1. rename “new domain” directory to “empty”
  2. rename “old domain” directory to “new domain”

I am not sure if Dreamhost has other ways to register where the domain is. I don’t think trying this could hurt - you can always go back.

Maybe some other users can comment if this makes sense.


Not sure which plan is best? This chart lists the plans.