Moving .dk domains to dreamhost - how?

Present situation

I currently have a .net domain hosted and registered at Dreamhost on a shared hosting plan of the type ‘My Crazy Domain Insane’. It has been like this since august 2007, and has worked flawlessly. Thank you for a great service.

I have been tasked to build two new websites. The domains are both *.dk domains. They are currently held by the parties for whom I am to build the websites.

The first domain is currently registered and hosted at the danish registrar and webhost The second domain name has been bought through the registrar and is not hosted anywhere at present.


I wish to host these two .dk domains on my dreamhost account


My first question is: will the domain registrants (my clients) have to transfer ownership of their domains to me, for me to be able to host them on my dreamhost account?

Assuming that this is the case, once ownership of the domains have been transferred to me, what is the process for transferring the .dk domains to my host here at dreamhost?

Lastly, once these domains have been transferred, how will they show up in my file hierarchy? At present, my domain has a folder named after the single .net domain that I host here. will additional .dk folders appear automatically once the hosting transfer is resolved?

The DH FAQ specifically mentions .dk domains at

“[ns1|ns2|ns3] are now registered with DK-hostmaster (earlier only were). This is tested to be working with 2 .dk domains.
An excellent guide to domain re-delegation can be found at (in Danish)”

I have read the guide, and am frankly a bit confused as to how this method works. Am I required to use the nameservers to have a domain hosted at dreamhost?

As with any domain, all that’s required is that they log in to the registrar and set the nameservers to, ns2…, and ns3… The world just needs to know which nameservers to query for your domain info.

DreamHost does not register .dk domain names, but they’ll host just about any domain TLD (.dk, .uk, .biz, etc.)

Any domain shows up in the user’s home directory as /home/USER/thatdomain.tld In your case, they’ll show up as /home/USER/ (or if that’s how .dk works).

You’re not really “transferring” a domain, but just setting up hosting for it here, which requires that you go to the Panel under Domains -> Manage Domains and Add a New (sub)Domain. That’s what creates the folder in your home directory.


thank you for the quick reply.

From what you say, I surmise that all that needs to be done is:

  1. Change the nameserver references of at the hostmaster to

  2. add the new domain through my dreamhost panel under ‘Domains -> manage domains’

Is this correct?

My client wishes to remain the registrant (owner) of the domain.
Am I required to own the domains that I host on DreamHost?

That’s it. When you add the domain here, make it Fully Hosted.

Your client will always own the domain name. That’s the most important part. You just host it; it doesn’t matter to DreamHost who owns the registration, as long as they’ve set it to use the DreamHost name servers.


Perfect. I consider myself well and fully answered. Thank you :slight_smile: