Moving data across subdomains?

Hi All,

A quick question that I can’t seem to find an answer to in the WIKI, and don’t want to bother the support team yet…

I want to use a subdomain ( to administer my main website (

I’ve created the sub-domain no problem, and it works in so far as you can get to it and it loads files, my question is: How do I get my admin PHP scripts to (for example) save a file uploaded from the subdomain ( to folders inside the main domain (

As far as I understand it, the scripts run in a sub-domain can only ‘see’ the files from the root folder of that sub domain - it can’t go up a level in order to see the main site’s folder on the server?

If someone can point me to somewhere that explains what to do, or can let me know how to do it, that’d be really appreciated.



I never tried it. But I have read on this forum of others accessing files above the web folder. Mainly to store data that should not be accessed by the web. So if that is possible then you should beable to access any sub directory as well.
Another alternative would be to use curl and absolute addresses.

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