Moving current WP site to Dreampress

Hi there!
I have recently become a customer of Dreampress hosting service.
I need to move my current Wordpress site from its current hosting to my newly acquired Dreampress.
Usually what I do is create an empty wordpress installation and migrate the databse through WP Migrate DB.
I then move the files through FTP and set the new site address at the new site’s Wordpress settings.
The thing is I haven’t figured out how to create a clean Wordpress on a temporary Dreamspace domain.
Also, my client uses Google Apps for work, so I would like to take care of pointing the DNS without disrupting their email service.
Any help, much appreciated!
Thanks indeed, Joaquín

Hi Joaquín,

We are currently offering a WordPress migration service that will take care of you: for just $99 and in less than 48hrs, we’ll move your site without any downtime! Please note, your current site should be at least version 3.7 of WordPress or higher, must be error and hack free, and must remain live at your current host while we migrate it. This is so we can compare the live site to the migrated site to ensure the migration was successful.

While there is no downtime, we ask that you do not make any changes to your site once we start. This is to avoid leaving any of your changes behind.

There are also other free options for transferring your sites. For example you can use a WordPress plugin such as duplicator to transfer your content over. and we also offer a helpful guide here:

You can also find all the hosting plans and pricing we offer here:

Let us know if you have any more questions,
Matt C

Hey Matt!, we would like to hire the Wordpress site moving service. Please let me know how do we go about it. I am the site’s webmaster. Thanks indeed.

Joaquín Ezcurra

Hi Joaquín,

We’ll be happy to help you out! First, you’ll need to sign up for the hosting plan you decided to go with

Once you are signed up you can send in a Request for Migration thru the panel here: and a migration specialist will assist you further.

and here’s something we paid lawyers for:

Please be sure to let us know if you have any more questions,
Matt C