Moving content to the domain

Hi – I recently joined DreamHost to serve an existing domain. But rather than transfer their domain right away, I built the site on a dreamhosters computer – with the understanding that I could just turn the account on the dreamhosters computer into the old domain when I did transfer that domain to DreamHost.

Anyway, that’s what I’m trying to do – is there an easier option than just ftping all the files between accounts?

Thanks for the help!

Depending upon whether or not you used relative links, or any configuration of paths or urls needed by any of your scripts, you can just rename the “” directory in your /home/user directory to “” (or whatever directory you specified when adding your domian to DH as a “fully hosted domain”).

OR if you have not yet added the new domain to your dreamhost account, when you do so you could just specify the “” directory as the “base” of you new domain.

Of course, as indicated, if you have embedded domain names in links, or other html (img src, etc), or if you are using scripts that define a path or url for your site, you will have to modify those to account for the new domain name.

Additionally, you could just copy the files between the directories via the shell thus avoiding the use of ftp (assuming the same user owns both sets of files).