Moving blog to subdomain

I am trying to move my wordpress blog to a subdomain on my site so that I can put a e-commerce store on the main site. any advice on how to do this?

You can do this in the panel in Manage Domains.

thanks bobcat[hr]
any more specific advice? I am pretty new to this and can’t seem to figure it out myself.

before you start my instructions you want to go to your wp-admin and go to general settings. change both the wordpress address (url) and site address (url) to the sub-domain. that is actually pretty critical so you don’t go hunting through settings in the mysql database afterwards if you forgot. don’t bother trying to access your wp install until you have actually changed folders around.

now to change from the main domain to a sub-domain go to your dh control panel and go to manage domains and create your sub-domain (ex: to be fully hosted. ftp (or ssh) into your account and rename folder to, rename the folder to then rename to