Moving Blog From

Ok, so I’m another one working through this : )

How I got to this point:
Started a blog on Worked on it then realized I couldn’t put up ads, etc and thought I could rectify this by registering the domain which I did through wordpress. Ultimately decided to move to Dreamhost. Set up an account here. Registered another domain and set up a different blog which is working OK.
Now I want to move the first blog here too. Moved (or thought I did) the first domain name to be hosted here. (Did I try to do this too soon?) It lists it under “Manage Domains” although it says under registration “unknown”.
When I type in the url into my browser it takes me to the site. So, first, where is the domain name hosted at this time?
Next I “exported” my old blog to my computer thinking I could upload it to DH. On my dashboard in WP at DH it only shows my old blog. I’m afraid that if I use import here it will add my pages, posts, etc to my existing DH hosted blog rather than install the second one.
OK, hope that clarifies the situation to this point and that you guys can help this neophyte get the job done. Where do I go from here?
Thanks in advance