Moving blog archived with backupbuddy

I’m trying to move my blog from Godaddy to DreamHost. I’ve read other posts on this subject and don’t see any that are exactly like my situation.
Logged on as the admin on the present location, I use the backupbuddy function built-in to WP to create the archive. I download the .zip archive and the importbuddy.php file to transport to the new DH location.
I create a new SQL DB on DH, and edit the wp_config.php in the backupbuddy-created .zip archive to reflect the different SQL DB credentials on DH. I upload the .zip archive and the importbuddy.php script to the new DH location and invoke the importbuddy.php script from a web browser. It runs for awhile and eventually times out (fully reply messages following this text), eventually failing with the message that the expected backupbuddy_dat.php file was not found in the .zip archive. Seems like a problem in how the godaddy-hosted WP-based backupbuddy functioned.
Anyone have insight on what’s happening here?


P.S. A previous thread spoke to moving a blog from godaddy to DH using a multi-step procedure that included identifying the original theme and installing same theme on the DH blog before importing. Unfortunately, doesn’t seem practical for me since its a non-standard theme that I don’t know where to get or how to transport. The backupbuddy / installbuddy solution seemed preferable to me since I didn’t have to understand so much about WP, and that’s important since I’m just trying to move an existing blog that I didn’t build and don’t understand.


****** error reports follow ******

BackupBuddy Restoration & Migration Tool

Step 3 of 6
Extracting files (?) into path:


Attempting high speed extraction (normal mode) … Failed.

Falling back to slower method.

Attempting medium speed extraction (compatibility mode: ZipArchive) …

Mediumspeed extraction failed. ZipArchive is not available as this server’s PHP wasn’t compiled with the --enable-zip. See if your host is able to update PHP with this option… Falling back to slower mode to try again.

Falling back to slower method.

Attempting low speed extraction (compatibility mode: PCLZip) … Error: PCLZIP_ERR_MISSING_FILE (PCLZIP_ERR_MISSING_FILE) : Missing archive file ‘/home/scimmer/’

Lowspeed extraction failed. Message: PCLZIP_ERR_MISSING_FILE (PCLZIP_ERR_MISSING_FILE) : Missing archive file '/home/scimmer/'
Failed. Final compatibility unzip method has failed.

Error! The unzip process reported success but the backup data file, backupbuddy_dat.php was not found in the extracted files. The unzip process either failed (most likely) or the zip file is not a proper BackupBuddy backup.

BackupBuddy Error Code 9004 - Click for more details.

File extraction process did not complete successfully. Unable to continue to next step. Manually extract the backup ZIP file and choose to “Skip File Extraction” from the advanced options on Step 1.

BackupBuddy Error Code 9005 - Click for more details.

This should be an easy fix. Change your PHP to be 5.3 Fast CGI and the zip feature should be magically installed for you :slight_smile: We don’t have it on PHP 5.2.