Moving awstats data

The instructions for installing awstats in the wiki are very good and I have awstats up and running. But, how do I get the data from my previous web host over to dreamhost? I have copied the monthly data files over, and can see some of their data in awstats, but the data is not complete (some shows and some is zeroed out). Also would like to merge the current month’s data which means taking January’s data from the old host and merging it with January’s data on dreamhost. I’ve searched the web for an answer for 2 days, but come up with nothing.

I know there is a log file merge tool, but that probably doesn’t work across different servers. I don’t think I can access the log file on my original host’s server anyway, even if I wanted to download/upload to dreamhost.

Any ideas on where to look? Or better yet, anyone done it and can tell me how?

Thank you much

Great question!

With a pending transfer into DH from my slacker previous hosting service, I’d love to know the answer to this as well.

For starters, I didn’'t even know one could install one’s own copy of AWStats at DH! Gotta hunt it down in the wiki - this was the one thing I would regret leaving behind at my last host - and it seems like even that won’t be needed!

Have you opened the files to see if they’re merely XML or something? perhaps a generic merging function/app will do the trick (if you’re searching for specific awstats mergers and not finding anything useful!)


Yes, I opened the data files that awstats created. They are data tables in text file format. Meaning, there would have to be some specific “awstats” intelligence behind the merger of the files. I was going to try and hand merge them, but don’t want to muck up the data due to my ignorance of what all the fields represent.

BTW, I believe we are both coming from the same slacker host (nb) and it appears they have had some more downtime on the server I used to be on as well as another. Sorry to not be there any longer to enjoy that frustration. Though I would still like to get my awstat history off there.

Umm, indeed - how forgetful of me! I knew your name sounded familiar :slight_smile:

I’m still waiting (5 monotonous days) on them getting around to moving my DNS records. Abominable doesn’t begin to describe their service. But you already know that!