Moving an active domain to DreamHost

I have a slightly different problem than the usual “move domain” questions: I have an active, busy, domain on another server. I’d like to move it, top to bottom, to DreamHost, but without any interruptions in service. I think there’s a way I can get the domain set up here at DreamHost (I don’t care about the registrar - I can deal with moving the name later) and then start copying /configuring everything over to DreamHost and then swithing the DNS. yes?

Two problems I’m not sure about: I host several email accounts and I’ll have to check to see if I can see what their passwords are to set up the same accounts on DreamHost, and second: how best to copy the accounts themselves? Many people keep lots of stuff in their IMAP hierarchies (I don’t, as it turns out) and I’m not sure how to grab all of that and move it to DreamHost.

Thanks!! /bernie\

Hello BernieC,

I believe that the following two articles should help!

When transferring your email you will want to be sure to use a mail client to download it locally then re-upload it into our servers after you have created the email account through your panel.

I hope this helps but if you have any questions let us know!


It does! Thanks. Unfortunately I got the answer I expected but was hoping against - that it is hard to move email. The article addresses the situation where there’s a single email account and I have it. But in this case I have several people receiving mail at my domain and I don’t even have their passwords, much less any way to deal with their IMAP folders. The problem also will be doing this seamlessly. That is, there’s email coming in all the time and since I can’t change the MX until the mail is moved (can i?) I have to figure how to coordinate that.


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