Moving a Wordpress site?

Hi everyone!

I’m developing a site for a client using Wordpress as a sort of CMS. Is there a way I can develop the site on a subdomain of mine and then, when it is finished, “port” it over to his server?

I don’t want to have to reinstall plugins/theme files, etc on his server–I’d love to just be able to zip up the install on my subdomain and unpack it on his. Is this possible?


Well, it won’t be that simple, as there are a few edits that you will have to make (in the config file, at least) but it is really not that difficult to do, with a little planning.

While there are several threads dealing with various types of WordPress “moves” and related issues, there is really no better resource for information about moving a WordPRess installation that the WordPress Codex section on Getting Started with WordPress - Special Installations.

They do an excellent job or explaining what is involved in almost any potential scenario. is probably a good place to start, and will likeloy give you all you need.