Moving a wordpress site to dreamhost



Im moving a wordpress site hosted at lunarpages to dreamhost. I signed up for vps and now have access…however, it looks like I cant install wordpress unless I have a domain to associate it with. Problem is I can transfer the domain until I have the old site up on dreamhost and tested…Can wordpress be installed without having the domain transfered?


If Lunarpages uses cPanel, you can do an import via the DreamHost Control Panel.


I just did something similar and followed the instructions for setting up a mirrored subdomain at

I set up in the control panel, installed WP there, then set up while I got the site setup.

Edit: Link doesn’t take you to the anchor. The instructions are in 2.2


I started the cPanel export about 24 hours ago…status says exporting…its about 1.4 gigs zipped up…how long does it usually take?


It should have been done by now. Maybe file a support ticket.