Moving a to a .org on dreamhost


I am scouring forums both on here and on wordpress, but am a complete newbie and 100% lost. I have 1 very important site to move, so am practicing with a not so important site first.
I need an idiots guide to this move, so far it appears that I have an account with dreamhost and my domain is fully hosted. I have performed a one-click install of wordpress, but now have no idea how to access it or go any further. I have downloaded all the files to my desk top, but am not sure where to go next. I have also downloaded FileZilla (not sure if I need it).
Is there a guide somewhere that talks you through this process, step by step - I would be amazingly grateful for some assistance with this. Not really keen to pay the $130 guided transfer from wordpress - thanks.


Unfortunately, we don’t directly help with host migrations and importing sites. However I have found a few helpful web pages that should be of assistance with the migration.

If you are still experiencing issues with the move you can always submit a support ticket and one our techs will do their best to explain the process for you! I’ve included the link below.


Thanks for your quick answer here, I have seen the second article already - it is still a little foreign to me, but hopefully one day it will click in my brain. Thank you!

#4 offers a $99 guided transfer:

But if that doesn’t meet your budget, tf you still have access to your .com site, you can do this yourself :slight_smile:

  1. In the old blog, go to Tools → Export and download the XML (WXR) file to your computer.
  2. In the new blog, go to Tools → Import → WordPress (WordPress will prompt you to install the import tool at this point) and upload the file you downloaded in step 1. Make sure that you choose the option to Download & import file attachments. This option will be available after you upload the file.

That should get all your posts and content over.


Yes, I have seen all this and am currently working throgh the set up procedure. I am thinking that there may be an issue because the website is already a site hosted on the web address I am hosting the new one on, therefore soething wierd might be happening when I try to access it. I can see all the files in the webftp, but i have no idea how import the xml file from the old site to the newly self hosted pages. The site works but if i try to access the back end, it seems to be acting just like the site?


There’s a whole big technical explanation here:

While you can use a temporary URL (like to build the site out at, the problem is that WordPress likes to store your domain name all over your database.

I would suggest just moving the DNS to point to DreamHost (right now it’s pointing to and then import from

It doesn’t take very long, and it’s easier than trying to edit your database the other way.


Ok - sweet - I have the wordpress installed and things are looking good! I have downloaded the XML file from my original blog and have began the import to the new location. I have selected the “Download and import file attachments” but the web page seems to just stick on semi-loaded and nothing happens. I have navigated away from the page and see that it has imported media and categories and tags, but no posts exist. It seems to have imported the theme, but not correctly set up the menus - the blog looks bare and standard. Any ideas?


I went to your site and I see all the posts just fine.


I have been working on it - with another forum and it seems to have magically fixed itself - I think maybe using chrome instead of safari may have been the thing!


Glad it’s working for you :smiley: Sometimes Safari has weird timeout issues, so that doesn’t really surprise me.


Thank you! Now it’s time for the real learning to start!!! :wink: