Moving a Subdomain

I have been developing a site, temporarily located at a subdomain of my main dreamhost site, It is ready to go live, but needs to exist as a subdomain of an existing site that is hosted elsewhere, The subdomain I’ve been working on will continue to be hosted at Dreamhost, but the domain it will be under will continue to be hosted elsewhere. What do I need to do?



If you want both and available, you will need to make a copy of your files and upload to

If you only want only one of them available, you can try redirect domain

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You’ll also need to edit the DNS for your domain (at the other host?) and add the IP address of your subdomain here as an A record for


Does that mean I’ll need to pay for an IP address at Dreamhost for the subdomain? Sorry, my DNS skills are extremely rusty.

No. There’s already an IP address. The Apache config file says that if you request at that IP address, it’ll serve data from the proper directory.